As I design spaces, I think about it like creating layers in the environment where every surface is an opportunity to create an experience. No matter the mood, artwork is an important element I build around. It doesn’t have to take centerstage, but it holds a space together like glue. I began my interior design journey when I was exposed to the minimalist architecture of Swiss modernism and German Bauhaus. Around the same time, I fell in love with Wallpaper magazine’s laser-focused lens on the design world and I wanted to create those types of living environments for myself and others. I studied fine art and interior design at CIA (Cleveland Institute of Art) and worked at the DCOTA (Design Center of the Americas) in Dania Beach, FL before moving back to Austin. My expertise is in designing kitchen and bath spaces. I believe the kitchen is the heart of the home and that the bath is where we can all renew, relax, and purify our spirit each day.


Learning Experience Design

It is an exciting time to be in the training and instructional design fields. It is evolving rapidly with the integration of elements such as artificial intelligence (AI), augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), gamification and mobile training apps. By employing solid design principles and using the methodologies of the ADDIE model, I strive to incorporate a wide-variety of emerging technologies in my work to create immersive and cutting-edge training for my clients.

Graphic Design

Whether I’m working on a magazine, poster, website, or logo– I want to make it as immersive as possible. How can I enhance the user experience? Similarly with my interior design approach, I focus on creating layers with different materials. Quiet often I build 3D models or use paintings or other handmade elements in my designs. Whether it’s storyboarding characters for videos or creating a business’s website, I love to incorporate the textural quality handmade objects give that make you want to reach out and touch it or creates a visceral experience for the user.


Juanita has a great design sense and a fantastic work ethic. I was impressed by the quality of work and her attention to detail during the project. The end result was an exceptional site delivered to the client. I would work with Juanita again if the opportunity presented itself. 

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Juanita is a dedicated designer, eager to learn new methods of achieving her goals. She constantly thinks outside of the box, and takes ownership of her work. In the year that we worked together, Juanita took on many challenges with enthusiasm and professionalism.

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