Juanita's Top Albums of 2017

This is my short list of albums that have stood out this year thus far. Quiet a few were discoveries during SXSW. 

Here we go: I highly recommend listening to these albums when you get a chance.

Vagabon- Infinite Worlds (Released Feb. 24th, 2017)

Vagabond Infinite Worlds

Minus the Bear- VOIDS

Minus the Bear Voids

NE-HI- Offers (Released Feb. 24th, 2017)

NE-HI Offers

Flint Eastwood-Broke Royalty (Released April 14th, 2017)

Flint Eastwood Broke Royalty

Temples-Volcano (Released March 3rd)

Temples Volcano

Blanck Mass- World Eater ( Released March 3rd)

Blanck Mass World Eater

Gorillaz- Humanz (Deluxe) (Released April 28th)

Gorillaz Humanz

Johnny Jewel- Windswept (Released May 10th)

Johnny Jewel Windswept

Emerging Artists at the Whitney Biennial

Check out some of my favorite works from this year's Whitney Biennial. Whether you think it's pure trash or find much of it as funny as I do, the works do represent a time-stamped, capsule of social and political issues of the moment.

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West Texas never disappoints

Marfa is on the Union Pacific railroad line out west a few hours from the Texas and Mexico border. This little town is a hidden gem in the middle-of-nowhere with fantastic contemporary art and gorgeous scenery in every direction as far as the eye can see.

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August Playlist Inspired by TV Series Stranger Things

This month I had my birthday which has reminded me to stay true to myself and just savor the little things more. I've also gone back to my roots and have been listening to a lot of synth pop and shoe-gazer post punk which I'm sure has everything to do with watching Stranger Things and my sudden resurgent interest in that 70s and 80s synth sound.

What I can't stop listening to:

Velvet Condom Stadtgeil

This Berlin-based duo, Alice Von & Oberst Panizza create delicious retro and 80s-inspired beats that effortlessly seem to transport me back to my angst-ridden teenage years waging a war with myself trying to seem so odd and cool. Listen here.

Underpass- Assimilation

Somehow this album escaped my radar back in 2014. This band is from Olympia, Washington and takes the cake for the album that is making me happiest this month. Assimilation was released by Desire Records (France). Buy it here. Name your price for the band's whole discography.

The Soft Moon

The Soft Moon came out with their self-titled debut 6 years ago now. Wow! How times flies. Deeper Remixed is definitely worth a listen. Buy it here.

Black Mountain- Year Zero

This album is the soundtrack to an indie post-apocalyptic surf movie. I know, that all sounds like things that wouldn't go together well, right? Well, this album really shines with a greasy, dazed, water-logged kind of metallic brightness. I stumbled onto this after realizing that the Beyond the Black Rainbow soundtrack was written byJeremy Schmidt, the keyboardist of Black Mountain. Again, relish in the retro 80s synth-pop.

The Evens-Get Even

So glad to be able to listen to all of the Discord Records archives on bandcamp! I'm new to Ian MacKaye and Amy Farina's band The Evens. I can't wait to listening to the the Fugazi and Minor Threat demos and rare material.

Amnesia Scanner

This Berliner glitch DJ duo creates beats that make me a little insane and pleasantly discordant with a slight case of vertigo. If you are into that sort of thing.... listen here.

Released on Young Turks record label. Buy it here.

Road Trips: Texas to California

I recently took a cross-country road trip to California to visit my best friend who lives in Huntington Beach.

Driving out West is an experience that everyone should try and do at least once. Living in a densely populated, multicultural, and fairly progressive city makes it easy to sometimes forget that there are huge portions of this country that are literally desert for hundreds upon hundreds of miles where people live via television and the internet.

The billboards advertise clean rooms and internet. What more could a road warrior want? I just drove through these towns but what is it actually like to live there and how do the people cope with their harsh surroundings? The dozens of ghost towns are reminders of American expansionism and Capitalist dreams that have since dried up and blown away. Of course people have lived out in the desert for thousands of years, but in the last hundred years as more and more people have abandoned small town life, I can imagine it is hard to hold on to a dying lifestyle.

Being from New Mexico, I am no stranger to the enchanted desert landscape but STILL it's quiet extraordinary driving through the painted desert and petrified forests of millions of years ago and see ancient forests where once there were massive rivers and dinosaurs roaming freely.